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Welcome to our pre-order page for the 3rd volume of Encounters with the Imaginary, a fantastical art anthology featuring the work of dozens of wonderful artists - each with their own style and story to tell!

This year's volume has more than double the artists than years past. Over 40 artists have each chosen an imaginary creature, painted a series of illustrations based on that creature and have written a small piece of fiction to accompany their art.

Almost all of the art and writing is finished, and we are now in the process of editing and putting the book together. Each artist has spent months crafting their spreads and building a world for you to explore. Encounters with the Imaginary is filled with fantastic realms from each artists’ imagination!

From the beginning of this project, we've wanted to create a book that is a pleasure to read and beautiful to look at - so we've taken care to select high-quality materials and printers to ensure this is a book you love spending time with. The interior will be printed on sturdy 100lb paper and the cover will be a strong 10pt cover weight paper.

With so many artists, Volume 3 is roughly 230 pages long, with over 45 full-page illustrations - each one accompanied by several smaller pieces from each artist's series. The book will be a perfect bound, 9 x 12 inch softcover just like the previous two volumes. They make a lovely matching set! 

If you would like to see tons more of the art that has been created for the book - check out our Facebook page where we post all of the work and introduce the wonderful artists! 

Vol. 3 currently has 44 participating artists - double the number of the previous two volumes. Each of our artists has their own unique style and vision - you can be sure that every contribution has a personality all its own! Allow us to introduce the wonderfully creative people who have helped create and fill this book with wonderful work!

From top left: Toly Kivshar, Nyra Drakae, Melissa Gay, Manuel Aquino, Michael Blank, Nataša Ilin?i?, Alexandria Huntington, Antoine Dupont Issalys, Sebastian Becker, Lisa Lindsay LaRose, Linda Lithén, Magali Mebsout, Zenith Chan, Ric Ow, Loreleï Agnès Si, Fahmi Fauzi, Jeszika Le Vye, Kira Night, Evan Winston, Casey LaRae Gustafson, Justin Donaldson, Silvan Borer, Tiffany England, Ali Phelps, Heather Hudson, Crystal Sully, Dzzy, Allen Morris, Stephanie Cost, Grant Cooley, Kaysha Siemens, Heather R. Hitchman, Dane Cozens, Lindsey Burcar, Tyler Edlin, Paige Carpenter, Daria Theodora, Diana Van Damme, Rebecca D. George, Corinne Reid, Rachel Quinlan, Micaela Blondin, Teal Newcomb.

Thank you so much for your support! Creating this book has been a joy and it means the world to us to be able to see it printed and shared with those who love art, stories and the imaginary!

Available Rewards:

$40USD + Shipping

The Book


  • Volume 3 of Encounters with the Imaginary
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The Book Deluxe


  • Volume 3 of Encounters with the Imaginary
  • Boneshaker sticker
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  • Metallic print

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